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License & Usage Policy

License & Usage Policy

  • Darkroom templates are not available for purchase by any commercial photo lab without approval.

  • Our Darkroom templates are sold to photographers for the purpose of selling a final product to the customer in either print or digital form. Any digital files sold to the customer must be in a jpeg format.

  • Darkroom templates can be used to create samples for your studio, website, blog, facebook, printed marketing material and etc.

  • Darkroom templates can be stored on one or more computers that are being used by you or your company.

  • The Darkroom templates may not be shared or resold as a template or stock image. This shall also include any artwork/elements included in the template files.

  • Any elements included in our template files may not be used to build new templates for resale.

  • Sample images located on our website that include people may not be copied.

  • Failure to comply with these terms may result in legal action.

  • Your purchase bounds you to these terms and conditions.